My name is Adam Tolk and I am the son, nephew and brother of Chiropractors.  At the completion of my wrestling and military career, I was in desperate need of chiropractic care but my family and network were all back on the east coast.  I spent years in CA going from Chiropractor to Chiropractor looking for a doctor who could provide the level of care I had become accustomed to with little success.  That was until Dr Allen arrived to Lake Mission Viejo. Dr Allen understands athletes and the abuse we put our bodies through and unlike many of the Chiropractors I had experienced in CA, he spent a considerable amount of time understanding my needs, desired end state and establishing a plan to get me on track.  Also, unlike my pervious experiences in CA, he didn’t try to sell me on some program but rather suggested that he see me weekly at first and then we would tailor in a specified plan per my needs.  I travel a lot and do not always get to see Dr Allen as often as I’d like but every time he sees me he makes me feel better.

Dr Allen is a very gentle adjuster but with SIGNIFICANT effects.  My wife is also very particular about her Chiropractic care and prior to Dr Allen only would allow my brother to adjust her.  After convincing her about my positive results and his gentle care, she agreed to be adjusted and LOVES her experiences with Dr Allen as well.  We are now in the process of brining in our two babies to be cared for by Dr. Allen and help improve their neurological systems. Dr Allen is truly a gem for the Lake Mission Viejo community and when it comes to Chiropractors, I feel comfortable in saying that know what I am talking about!

-Adam T.

Dr. Allen will pay attention to how you are feeling with each visit and give you individualized care based on how you are doing that day. I have been going to chiropractors for 30 years and he gave the best care I have ever received. I had been in a car accident that caused a lot of reoccurring problems in my neck and back. Dr. Allen found alternate ways to address my neck and spine problems without cracking me (which scares me to death) through guided stretching and breathing, with care and attention. I also found the simple exercises he encouraged me to do very helpful. I went from seeing him 2-3 times a week to once a month for a wellness check-up in a relatively short time. He is a true holistic healer.
-Allison C.

My Primary Care Physician told me that I had peripheral nerve damage on my right arm and there was little to nothing he could do to help me other than loading me with pain killers and anti-inflammatory medication. I also had a muscle tear as a result of overstretching, on my left leg, in which the pain was so excruciating, that could not walk strait and was keeping me up at night, every time I tried to stretch my leg.

I choose to see Dr. Allen instead and from my very first laser session, my pain was from a level 10 to a level 4 in both areas. We are down to 4 sessions and I have never felt better. The pain is completely gone and I feel so energetic that i have even decided to do kickboxing classes.

Dr. Allen’s professionalism and gentle skills make you feel at home when you are at his office. He not only creates a customized program for you, but also will educate you in how to take care of your health from exercising, diet plan, and living healthy in general. He bases his recommendations in a holistic, non-invasive approach. I highly recommend his services and feel very blessed that I have found him.

Thank you Dr Allen!

-Janet V.

WOW!! Want excellent service, great care and compassion, then Dr. James Allen, D.C. is the chiropractor for you!!

When I stopped by Dr. Allen’s office located next to Lake Mission Viejo, I was overwhelmed at how friendly his staff was and how clean and upscale his facility was.

Dr. Allen advised me that he only uses the most advanced state-of-the-art equipment in rendering treatment to help heal and alleviate your pain. He took the time to tell me about how each machine works and what it does to help an injured area of your body.

Dr. Allen has years of experience as a chiropractor and also specializes in Sports Medicine. He told me he used to be a chiropractor for the Los Angeles Clippers, pretty cool I thought.

My experience was wonderful with Dr. Allen, so I highly recommend Dr. Allen to anyone for treatment of any pains they may be suffering. Dr. Allen is a top notch doc and has a great bedside manner to him and is very educated in his treatment approaches. See for yourself!!!

-James M.

I have a testimony! Dr. Allen used his laser technology on my lower back, and I felt relief in 10 minutes, but the best news is that I haven’t had any lower back pain since then either! I strongly encourage anyone that has chronic back pain to give Allen Chiropractic an opportunity to treat it! Thank you Dr. Allen! You made me a believer in your innovative and personal approach.

-Sena A.

Dr. Allen is amazing!

I have three young kids that I am always lifting and I am physically active. Once I started seeing Dr. Allen all my back pain went away and I feel 100%!

I highly recommend his services.

-Tiana O.

Dr. Allen recently saved me from the immense pain I was in due to pushing and pulling hard with my shoulders and arms on exercise equipment and weights. I created intense nerve pain and my neck was thrust forward and inflamed. In a very gentle caring professional manner, Dr. Allen eliminated the pain and aligned my shoulders and neck back to normal position, without those cracking adjustment methods we hear about or fear. He used a combination of: laser, which eliminated the pain!!, along with a very special moving table I have never seen or experienced in all the years I have been to chiropractors and physical therapies. Dr. Allen skillfully and gently guided this table while using his hands to assist in realigning my neck and shoulders and spine. He did this all within 3 sessions and the pain is gone and I’m back to normal. Thank you Dr. Allen!!!

-Susan J.

I was in a horrible car accident last year where I suffered severe whiplash, a torn meniscus, and 2 herniated disks in my cervical spine. Dr. Allen identified all injuries and treated me immediately. As a personal trainer, my physical state is utmost important, he successfully helped the healing process and continues to work his magic. The laser treatment he provides has offered a more rapid recovery for my deep tissue injuries. His adjustments are given as needed and to the specific location where discomfort is felt. I feel great when I leave there and in knowing I am in great hands with Dr. Allen. He has a well-rounded background in personal injury, sports medicine and laser treatment, which has provided me the confidence I needed in choosing him out of the many Chiropractors I’ve seen throughout Southern Orange County. I strongly recommend seeking treatment at Allen Chiropractic whether it’s for pain, discomfort, maintenance, or an occasional adjustment, you won’t be disappointed.

-Shane W.

Dr. Allen has been treating me for 3 years. I play sports or go to the gym about 6 days a week and work in an office about 50 hours a week, so back and neck pain is very common for me. After seeing Dr. Allen, my back and other joints feel much better. I highly recommend his services.

-Jason Z.

Dr. Allen is the Best!!!

I had crippling neck pain and had been to another chiropractor several times with no results. I learned that Dr. Allen had opened his practice and I made an appointment. My first appointment, Dr. Allen took x-rays and sat down and explained everything to me in a manner that I could understand. He went over everything I purchased a great package that they were offering and began my treatment. It took a few treatments, but I am no longer in pain and have been for quite some time now. I even have left over appointments from the package I purchased. Not only did Dr. Allen do a good job, but with what he showed me, I am able to prevent this pain.

-Cheryl M.

Dr. Allen was a life saver for me. I was headed for back surgery when I began chiropractic work with Dr. Allen. He relived my pain and I regained mobility within a few months. He gave me exercises to do that have helped build my strength and I no longer need surgery. Amazing.

-Linda G.

Dr. Allen, Thank you for treating my scoliosis and making me feel like a million bucks! I am so thankful, you are truly amazing!

-Audrey N.

Dr. James Allen is a hard working professional who is very dedicated to his trade. He takes the utmost pride in his work; always focused on bettering himself so he can best serve his patients. I would recommend his services to anyone and everyone who can benefit from his skills.

-Joseph B.

Dr. Allen is a fantastic, well-rounded Chiropractor who can handle difficult cases and pays attention to detail. I would send a family member to James in a heartbeat.

-Dr. Bryen Bell, Owner of BAC to Health Wellness

I highly recommend going to see Dr. Allen if you would like your back to feel better or if you are in pain! I had always been reluctant to go to a chiropractor but after just one adjustment with Dr. Allen, I am sold! Dr. Allen is very knowledgeable, uses state of the art equipment, and takes the time to genuinely listen to his patients, providing them with expert care, expert advice— and Results! Dr. Allen is an asset to our community!

-Matt O.

As a patient of Dr. Allen, I feel he delivers an exceptional quality of service. He cares for me with great care! He focuses on my unique and evolving situation and always takes the time to listen and explain. As a result I have great confidence in him and his methods, which I know to be among the best in the field. In particular the hi-power laser treatment helped reduced my post ACL surgery pain greatly and improve my range of motion.

-A. Volkov