Massage Mission Viejo

The benefits of massage are well known. It reduces stress, takes away muscle tension, reduces scar tissue, promotes circulation, increases tissue oxygenation and so on. The key is finding the right therapist who knows more about your condition than you do. At Allen Chiropractic, you can rest assured that the therapists at our office are the best at what they do. The added benefit to doing a massage at our office is that the therapists can collaborate with the doctor about your individual condition and the best approach to relieve your symptoms as well as what to possibly avoid doing to not make your condition worse. Most of our patients enjoy a relaxing massage before or after an adjustment to aid in the correct movement of the spine and help maintain proper alignment for longer periods, and get better results faster. Your insurance may even cover your massage. Call Allen Chiropractic, Mission Viejo today for a complimentary insurance verification and consultation with one of our excellent massage therapist, Cindy at (949)544-0333.