Low Level Laser Therapy Mission Viejo

Dr. Allen is a certified Class IV Laser physician, and is the Director of Laser Therapeutics at Allen Chiropractic. Allen Chiropractic, Mission Viejo is equipped with one of the worlds most powerful and safe lasers to use for a variety of injuries and conditions. Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) is currently one of the fastest ways to reduce pain and inflammation, and accelerate the body’s own ability to heal itself naturally. Laser energy has been researched for over 30 years, and has recently hit the market for pain relief. Many recent studies have been published to reveal how lasers interact with human tissue to reduce pain and inflammation, and actually accelerate the healing process. They work by accelerating cellular metabolism through a mechanism known as ‘photobiomodulation’. What this means is the normal healing rate of the cells in your skin, muscles, or tendons and ligaments, even in bone and cartilage can be accelerated so you can heal faster.

Dr. Allen was trained in LLLT under Dr. Bradley Frederick at the American Health and Performance Center in Los Angeles. During his time there he had the privilege of working with the Los Angeles Clippers and USC track and field athletes. Dr. Allen has experienced the benefit of laser therapy on his own share of sports injuries, including an acetabular labrum tear, and minor sprains and strains which heal 2-3x faster! Dr. Allen has experience with the application of over five different types therapeutic lasers. Not all therapeutic lasers are equal so please ask your doctor to explain the type of treatment you are receiving to ensure the best results for your condition. We have added the Multi Radiance MR4 Laser to our office because it offers the greatest degree of variation for the treatment of the most conditions with the best results Dr. Allen has seen. See more details about the laser and some testimonials about how it helps relieve pain at MR4 Lasers . To schedule an appointment at Allen Chiropractic, Mission Viejo call (949) 544-0333 to discover the healing power of laser therapy today!