Gait Analysis

Do you ever feel like you are walking on an uneven surface? Or like you have misaligned tires in your legs? Has anyone told you one shoulder looks higher or one of your hips is dropped lower than the other? Do you have ankle, knee, hip, or back pain that just won’t go away or keeps coming back? You might need to have your gait checked to see where the problem is. At Allen Chiropractic, we take a full body approach to your pain or condition and consider all the variables that may be stacking up against you. Whether you are a triathlete, marathon runner, or just the average Joe, we have the solution that meets your individual needs. By taking a functional look at how your body moves when you walk, Dr. Allen can see and foresee potential problems before they get worse. Get your alignment checked today by calling Allen Chiropractic in Mission Viejo at (949) 544-0333!