Digital X-ray at Allen Chiropractic

Part of a proper diagnosis may require the use of diagnostic imaging. In order for a chiropractor to understand what is causing pain, an x-ray may be necessary. Not all conditions require an x-ray to be taken and at Allen Chiropractic, Mission Viejo we are as conservative with our recommendations as possible. Our chiropractic office is equipped with one of the most advanced digital X-ray machines which allows immediate, same day viewing and analysis. The great thing about digital radiography is that there is less radiation, better image quality, and it develops instantly (so no more two day appointments!). Based on your x-rays, Dr. Allen can treat you on the same day as the initial exam, so you start getting results faster! Allen Chiropractic will send the x-rays electronically as a courtesy to primary care physicians or a specialist of the patient’s choice when requested with limited waiting time. It is our mission to provide the best possible care, including proper communication with other health care practitioners responsible for each individual patient. So if you have been searching for a Mission Viejo chiropractor, search no more and call us today for a free, no obligation consultation at (949) 544-0333.