Devata Active Summer Deals

If you haven’t checked out yet, now is your chance! Dr. Allen is partnering with this incredible yoga and fitness website to bring you the best instructors and workouts you can do in your home or from any of your devices. Dr. Allen not only teaches his favorite workout routines, he makes the homework he gives you as a patient accessible in his videos. How great is it that you can have your doctor walking you through the exercises he taught you in the office in your living room??? Right now, Devata active is now offering some excellent summer deals on their already low prices, so make sure to get these prices locked in using the codes posted in the photo above. As always, we are here to make your wellness routine accessible! Stay active, move forward, be well.

For a direct link to Dr. Allen’s classes, click here:


Wine and Craft Night at Allen Chiropractic

Allen Chiropractic is hosting their first Wine and Craft Night with Social Crafts! We will be making Macramé Plant Hangers and enjoying some healthy (and some not so healthy treats) while we craft. We hope you are able to make it! Details below:

WHEN: Friday, April 7th, 7-10 p.m.

WHERE: Allen Chiropractic- 27772 Vista Del Lago, Ste. B14, Mission Viejo, CA 92692

Cost: $35 presale tickets, $39 at the door (includes all materials and instruction for your take home planter)



Allen Chiropractic does The Whole 30

Hi friends and patients!

If you haven’t heard the news, Dr. James Allen and his family are doing their second round of The Whole 30 program starting this Saturday, October 1st. We are so excited to spend the next 30 days eating whole foods and getting rid of inflammation and excess weight. If you have never heard of it, The Whole 30 is a program during which you cut out sugar, dairy, grains, and legumes, as well as other inflammatory oils and additives, in order to help you feel your best and educate yourself on what foods do and do not work for you. It is a pretty strict plan but completely worth it. Meal planning and food prep are key so follow us on social media (Instagram and Facebook) to get some tips, recipe ideas, and motivation if you would like to join us on this awesome journey. Don’t forget to buy and READ THE BOOK prior to beginning the program because Melissa Hartwig (co-creator) breaks it down and gives you the WHY. It is always easier to move through something challenging if you remember the “why.” Feel free to contact our chiropractic office in Mission Viejo if you have any questions about The Whole 30 and how it may help you meet your health goals in combination with chiropractic care (949) 544-0333. Dr. Allen is waiting for your call!


Do you have a leg length discrepancy? Why you should care

Stop, take a look in the mirror and look at your hips and shoulders. Now look closer. Do you see anything out of balance? Has your tailor ever told you one leg is shorter/longer?

This condition known as leg length discrepancy (LLD) or “inequality” and it is not uncommon. In fact, as much as 60-90% of the population may be affected with this condition! I would say about 80-90% of my chiropractic and laser therapy patients walk in with an unequal leg length that they were not aware of. Some even say they knew, but didn’t know it could be the cause of their back, kip, knee, ankle, or even neck pain! LLD is sort of like the alignment of the tires on your car. If they are out of alignment or out of balance, the tread will wear down faster and unevenly. Similarly, the joints in your body can wear down faster or unevenly if LLD is left untreated.

What causes LLD, and how do you treat it? First of all there are two types of LLD. #1 is called Anatomical LLD and #2 is called Functional LLD. There are a variety of conditions that can result in anatomical LLD, such as fracture through a growth plate at an early age, congenital problems, infections, trauma and, surgery, all of which can cause an anatomical LLD.

However, more subtle alignment issues in the pelvis and hips can develop as we age. Sometimes the legs just don’t grow to be exactly even from our last growth spurt. The discrepancy can range from 5mm to an inch or more in discrepancy. You can imagine that the larger the discrepancy and longer the leg length goes undetected, the more the body will need to compensate and the more potential for chronic pain. The best way to differentiate between a functional and anatomical leg length discrepancy is via careful clinical examination of the hips, spine, and pelvis as well as radiographs of the pelvis. I typically recommend a heel lift or full foot orthotics in the office to my patients, which not only does this provide relief of symptoms, but it helps prevent recurrence of pain!

If the examination determines there is not an anatomical leg length discrepancy, then examination and treatment for a functional leg length discrepancy would be appropriate. Muscular imbalance, over pronation of the foot, even sitting on a wallet or wearing a purse only on one side too long can be causes for functional LLD. As a result and if left untreated, symptoms such as back and neck pain can begin.

While pain medications may help reduce the symptoms caused by LLD, they cannot treat and cure LLD. Chiropractic adjustments to the spine, pelvis, hips, knee, and ankle may be necessary to align the hips and make the leg length equal again. Exercises, functional taping, and foot leveling orthotics may be a part of the treatment as well, as determined on a case by case basis. This is why, as a chiropractor, my job is to determine the cause of your back or neck pain and determine a long-term solution for you.

We know there are many options out there for your medical care, but we are dedicated to the highest quality of individualized treatment to suit your individual needs. If you are looking for a well-rounded, holistic, non-surgical and drug free approach to treating your condition, give your Mission Viejo chiropractor a call today! (949) 544-0333

Cut sugar and reduce your pain with The Whole 30

Today, inflammation is a hot topic and it gets a bad reputation for being the cause of many ailments such as: arthritis, infections (bacterial or viral), headaches, back and neck pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, shoulder impingement, and sciatica. These are just a few common treatable conditions associated with inflammation in the body. Most people are aware of anti-inflammatory medications, like ibuprofen, which can help reduce pain often associated with these conditions. What most people may not be aware of is although these medications can reduce inflammation; it doesn’t necessarily translate to better or faster healing. In fact, quite the opposite can be true depending on the condition and how long it has lasted.  Osteo-arthritis is a good example because it doesn’t occur over night. It is a prolonged degenerative process that can wear down cartilage in the joints over time- especially in weight bearing joints like the knees, ankles, and hips. This causes inflammation in the form of swelling, stiffness, and pain. Pain and inflammation are the ways your body tells you to “back off” from activities that may exacerbate the problem, and if given the chance, your body can heal itself. The problem is that we, as a population on the go, tend to ignore the signs and keep on going. Numbing the pain with pain killers and fueling the fire with pro-inflammatory nutritional choices manifests chronic pain and problems. Many of my patients are surprised when I tell them they are basically pouring gasoline on an already hot fire by what they are putting in their mouth. So what is the most inflammatory food you can put into your body? Can you guess? That’s right… SUGAR!

Now, you may be thinking, “Yeah, sugar is bad for me, but it’s in everything!” or “I just love the taste so much that it doesn’t matter”. Until it does and you have pain that gets so chronic and intense that you are willing to basically cut off your leg at the hip or knee (otherwise known as hip and knee replacements). So we are left with two choices, eat sugar and chew on pain killers and anti-inflammatory drugs until we are a good candidate for surgery, or try to prevent the inevitable by cutting off the flow of gasoline. How? Reduce your sugar intake to only ‘good’ unprocessed and unrefined sugar that comes from whole fruits and veggies. Cut sugar from alcohol, dairy, pasta, bread, flour, juices, sodas, baked goods, cereals, etc…  Unfortunately the American way of consuming food and beverages is killing us. A high refined sugar and low fat diet is a recipe for hormone imbalance and inflammatory conditions mentioned above. High fat and high sugar is what leads to diabetes, heart attack and stroke. If you need proof, try cutting your sugar intake for 30 days and see what happens. There are no tricks here, no gimmicks, just one idea, do this one thing to stop the inflammatory process in your body today.

My current favorite resource spelling out how to cut out sugar is The Whole 30. This is a program that gives your body a kick start in your sugar-free journey, which leads to a lifestyle of health and wellness. It takes commitment and planning but to change the way you eat in only 30 days is well worth the work. I just completed the program with my wife and I lost 13lbs, which brought me to my target weight. I noticed that foods I once thought were bland had a new flavor pop to them. I never knew how good a carrot could taste! If you need coaching through this process, Allen Chiropractic can help you. Call Allen Chiropractic Mission Viejo all I’ll help you stay motivated and inspired and even give you some tricks along the way! Don’t wait, Check out The Whole 30 book and get started today!